Evolution of production software tools in EOSC

Sep 25, 2019, 11:30 AM
Main Auditorium

Main Auditorium


Evolution of production software tools in EOSC

  • Doina Cristina Duma (INFN)
  • Mario David (LIP)



  • Cloud IaaS/PaaS and EGI Notebook service - Enol Fernandez
  • Federated data management requirements and technical roadmap - Baptiste Grenier
  • Check-in technical roadmap and RCauth status and plans - Nicolas Liampiotis
  • DEEP-HybridDataCloud: present and future - Alvaro Lopez
  • eXtreme DataCloud: present and future - Daniele Cesini
  • SQAaaS - Evolution of best practices for service deployment and interoperability checks - Joao Pina

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Doina Cristina Duma (INFN CNAF), Mário David (LIP)
9/25/19, 11:30 AM

Presenting the goal of session and contributors

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