EOSC-synergy Kick off Meeting


EOSC-synergy Kick off Meeting

(For full details of rooms and allocation of slots see the Timetable).

The presentation template can be downloaded from:


  1. General lay out of the KoM agenda:

The morning from Monday to Wednesday is reserved for presentations of general interest. The project will be presented as a whole on Monday morning.

The Work Packages work is structured in the afternoons as follows. A more detailed program for every Work Package will be circulated by the WP leaders.

  • Monday afternoon :

    • Kick off of activities of WP2 and WP3, to be structured by the WP leaders.

    • In parallel, National Scientific Data Repositories track, sponsored by RDA, that will contain also RDA invited presentations. WP5 team is encouraged to join this session.

    • After the RDA-sponsored session, the policy team of WP5 will convene separately.


  • Tuesday afternoon

The work will be focussed on the Thematic Services Work Package: WP4, and its interaction with WP2 and WP3.

The first half will be dedicated to WP4 use case and general presentations; the second half of the afternoon will be devoted to a cross-workpackage discussion with WP2 and WP3.

In parallel, WP6 will convene as well.

  • Wednesday

    • After the morning coffee break we will have a session on evolution of production software tools from the consortium in the context of INDIGO-DataCloud and related projects. 

    • In the afternoon we will have the All Hands Meeting, in which the conclusions of the work of the previous two days will be presented and further discussed.
  • Thursday morning is left for additional slots to breakout in work packages. The work there is to be defined according to the evolution of the discussions during the week.


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