Tutorial on Innovative Computing and Data Processing tools for Researchers


This is the list of tutorials and hands-on sessions in IBERGRID 2019:

On Tuesday 24th of September the INDIGO-Datacloud sponsors special hands-on sessions oriented to software developers and service providers, dedicated to Federated Authorization & Authentication, and on Distributed Data Management tools. The later includes a Hackaton on OneData.

On Wednesday 25th of September, CSIC Quantum Technologies platform will deliver a tutorial dedicated to application integration and usage of Quantum Computing systems. In particular the tutorial will focus on the usage of the IBM Q computer.  

On Thursday 26th of September we will deliver a tutorial on Innovative Computing and Data Processing tools for Researchers.

The tutorial will take place from 9:30pm to 6:30pm at CESGA facilities, and will be delivered by renowned experts in the field. The general topics to be covered are:

  • Accessing Cloud infrastructures at the IaaS, SaaS and PaaS level
  • Orchestrating services on Cloud infrastructures
  • Everything you need to work with Containers
  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning tools for Data Processing

Upon request, a certificate of participation will be issued to the participants. 

In particular the program includes the following practical sessions:

  1. Using OpenStack Cloud infrastructures from Command Line and Graphical user Interfaces.

  2. Performing computations using Docker containers in interactive and batch systems, in Grids, Cloud and HPC systems

  3. Basic tutorial on Event-Driven computing applied to data processing

  4. Development of basic Serverless systems using Docker containers and Jupyter Notebooks

  5. DEEP-Hybrid Data Cloud: Deep learning tools

  6. Usage of Open Source cloud Platforms as a Service to compose, deploy and manage cloud services (Alien4Cloud and INDIGO-Datacloud platform)


The registration in the Tutorial will be handled through the general registration of IBERGRID 2019, and will be free of charge for those registering in the conference.

Questions should be addressed to: ibergrid2019@lip.pt