Experience with the GÉANT Cloud IaaS Framework Agreement

Sep 23, 2019, 5:00 PM
CSIC Auditorium

CSIC Auditorium

Oral Presentation Enabling Research Applications in advanced Digital Infrastructures IBERGRID Contributions


André Vieira (INCD) Mário David (LIP / INCD)


GÉANT has carried out a European wide Framework Procurement for an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud portfolio for the European research and education sector. The result was a multi-supplier framework whereby a number of IaaS cloud vendors were awarded framework contracts. Under this framework academic and research organizations from European Union countries can directly contract cloud IaaS services from these vendors through a simplified purchase procedure, while respecting the national public procurement laws of member countries. Within each country the national research network (NREN) is involved in the promotion of the agreement. In order to validate the framework agreement several organizations have been piloting services contracted under the agreement.

In this communication we describe the piloting activities conducted by the Portuguese Distributed Computing Infrastructure (INCD) aimed at validating and exploiting the capabilities of the GÉANT cloud framework agreement in Portugal. The following aspects will be addressed: legal compliance of the framework to the national public purchase laws; contractual process from the selection of a vendor to the actual service usage; comparison of service offerings and related conditions both against the vendor commercial conditions and against in-house service provisioning; assessment of the billing and payment processes; evaluation of the actual service delivery and support.

Primary authors

André Vieira (INCD) Mário David (LIP / INCD) João Martins (LIP / INCD)

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