Particle Physics for the Future of Europe

Grande Auditório do Centro de Congressos (Instituto Superior Técnico)

Grande Auditório do Centro de Congressos

Instituto Superior Técnico

Instituto Superior Técnico Campus Alameda Av. Rovisco Pais, 1 1049-001 Lisboa

The 2020 update of the European strategy for particle physics (ESPPU), which was released during the 199th session of the CERN Council, sets out an ambitious programme to carry the field deep into the 21st century. Following two years of discussion and consultation with particle physicists in Europe and beyond, the ESPPU has identified an electron–positron collider as the highest priority after the HL-LHC and includes exploration of the flavour puzzle and the neutrino sector as other avenues of progress. To prepare for the longer term, the ESPPU prioritises the technical and financial feasibility of a future proton–proton collider at CERN with a centre-of-mass energy of at least 100 TeV.

This strategy document is important to set the future direction of the research community and, crucially, also the role of CERN and of particle physics in the European landscape of scientific collaboration. The Portuguese scientific community connected to CERN spans experimental and theoretical activity in particle physics, nuclear physics, material science and the application of related technology to societal goals. The purpose of this workshop is to bring the community together to reflect on the future of these interrelated areas in Portugal and in the global stage.

Organising centres: LIP, CFTP (IST), CFTC (FCUL), CFisUC (UC), C2TN (IST).

This session will be both in-person and in online. Connect to the meeting using the following link:

The ZOOM password will be sent to registered participants by email.


  • Alessio Boletti
  • Ana Luisa Carvalho
  • Ana Peixoto
  • Ana Sofia Inácio
  • André Cordeiro
  • Beatriz Pereira
  • Bernardo Gonçalves
  • Bernardo Malaca
  • Bernardo Tomé
  • Brigitte Hiller
  • Camilla Willim
  • Carolina Costa
  • Carolina Margarido
  • Catarina Corte-Real
  • Catarina Quintans
  • Cristovao da Cruz e Silva
  • Diogo Bastos
  • Diogo Gonçalves
  • Diogo Silva
  • Duarte Azevedo
  • Débora Barreiros
  • Elias Lopez Asamar
  • felix riehn
  • Filipa Carvalho
  • Filipa Soares
  • Filipe Joaquim
  • Filipe Veloso
  • Gonçalo Diogo
  • Grigorios Chachamis
  • Gui (Margarida) Nesbitt Rebelo
  • Guilherme Milhano
  • Gustavo C. Branco
  • Henrique Gonçalves
  • Henrique Pedro Fernandes de Noronha Brito Câmara
  • Hilberto Silva
  • Inês Moreira
  • Inês Ochoa
  • Isabel Lopes
  • Ivo Varzielas
  • Janne Santana
  • Joao Gentil Mendes Saraiva
  • Joao Pires
  • Joaquim Gomes
  • Jorge Romão
  • Jorge Vieira
  • Jose Maneira
  • José Antão
  • João A. Gonçalves
  • João Carlos
  • João Paulo Silva
  • João Pulido
  • João Seabra
  • João Varela
  • João Viana
  • João Álvares
  • Liliana Apolinário
  • Luis Afonso
  • Luis Coelho
  • Luiz Coutinho
  • Luís Assunção
  • Luís Margato
  • Mafalda Angélico
  • Marcia Quaresma
  • Mariana Velho
  • Mario Pimenta
  • Matthew Cox
  • Michele Gallinaro
  • Nelson Lopes
  • Nuno Castro
  • Nuno Leonardo
  • Nuno Torrado
  • Orlando Oliveira
  • Pedro Costa
  • Pedro Ferreira
  • Pedro Gabriel
  • Pedro Pereira
  • Rafael Boto
  • Raul Sarmento
  • Ricardo Barrué
  • Ricardo Cabrita
  • Ricardo Gonçalo
  • Ricardo Silva
  • Rodrigo Capucha
  • Ruben Conceição
  • Rui Fernandez
  • Rui Santos
  • Sofia Andringa
  • Teresa Peña
  • Tiago Vale
  • Tomás Barros
  • Tomás Costa Lopes
  • Valentina Lozza
  • Vicente Mendes
  • Vítor Cardoso