Sep 5 – 10, 2021
Europe/Lisbon timezone

Neutron Star Cooling on Strong Magnetic Field : Neutrino -Antineutrino Pair Emission and Direct Urca Processes

Sep 8, 2021, 4:55 PM


Talk Nuclear and particle astrophysics Nuclear and particle astrophysics


Prof. Tomoyuki Maruyama (Nihon university)


We study cooling neutron-stars with strong magnetic fields through neutrino emissions from neutrino and antineutrino pair emission [1] and the Direct urca (DU) processes. We perform exact relativistic quantum calculations by introducing the Landau levels and anomalous magnetic moments [2]. Strong magnetic fields supply energy and momentum and make these processed even in the conditions where these processes do not occur in no magnetic field.
Then, we find that when the strength of the magnetic field is B = 10^14-10^16 G, these contributions are much larger than the modified Urca process.

[1] T.Maruyama et al., Phys Lett. B 805, 135413 (2020).
[2] T. Maruyama et al., Phys. Rev. D91, 123007 (2015); Phys. Lett. B757, 125 (2016); Phys. Lett. B779, 160 (2018).

Primary authors

Prof. Tomoyuki Maruyama (Nihon university) Prof. Toshitaka Kajino (fBeihang University) Prof. Myung-Ki Cheoun (Department of Physics, Soongsil University) Prof. Baha Balantekin (Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin) Prof. Grant Mathes (University of Notre Dame) Prof. Motohiko Kusakabef (Beihang university)

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