Jul 1 – 3, 2019
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Future Challenges for Higgs Physics | Pedro Ferreira

Search for the SUperSYmmetric partner of the top quark at the LHC with a multivariate approach | Diogo Bastos

The Hardware Track Trigger for the ATLAS upgrade | Ana Luísa Carvalho

Search for vector-like quarks at the ATLAS experiment | Tiago Vale

Top quark pair decay with tau lepton in the final state and lepton universality Test in CMS data at LHC | Oleksii Toldaiev

Deep Learning in Higgs physics | Giles Strong

Search for flavour-changing neutral currents tZq interactions in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV collected with the ATLAS detector | Ana Peixoto

Search for a CP-odd top-quark Yukawa coupling with the ATLAS experiment | Emanuel Gouveia

Measurements, simulations and analysis tools for the PIGE technique | Elisabet Galiana

Near future at PP collider | Tiziano Camporesi

Cosmological and astrophysical applications of modified theories of gravity | João Luís Rosa

Rotating clumps of scalar field Dark Matter | Miguel Ferreira

Stars and Dark Matter at the center of the Milky Way | José Lopes

MARTA readout system | Ricardo Luz

Reactor antineutrinos in the SNO+ water phase | Stefan Alexandru Nae

Study of solar modulation effects on cosmic ray fluxes measured by the AMS experiment | Miguel Orcinha

Summary of progress in generalising the BSW effect | Filip Hejda

Functional renormalization group study of the phase diagram of the quark-meson model with vector interactions | Renan Pereira

Quarkonium production studies at LHC energies: towards the understanding of bound-state formation by the strong force | Mariana Araújo

Multi-messenger astronomy | Jaime Álvarez Muñiz

Models with extended Higgs sectors at future e+e- colliders | Duarte Azevedo

Phenomenology of non-minimal composite Higgs models | Maria Ramos

Critical phenomena: A semilinear wave model | Isabel Suárez Fernández

Light ring stability in ultra-compact objects | Pedro Cunha

About the sign of the effective gravitational coupling constant | Ismael Ayuso

Compact objects in Einstein-Cartan theory: the effects of intrinsic spin in celestial bodies | Paulo Luz

Machine Learning in 45 Minutes ...and some Deep Learning applications in HEP | Miguel Romão

Measurement of Te130 Two-Neutrino Double Beta Decay Half-life with the SNO+ Experiment | Ana Sofia Inácio

Little Higgs models phenomenology | Guilherme Guedes

How to kick a Q-Ball | Lorenzo Annulli

Holographic phase transitions | Thanasis Giannakopoulos

Characterising the response to high energy photons of the R3B/FAIR electromagnetic calorimeter CALIFA | Pamela Teubig