PANIC2021 Conference

from Sunday, 5 September 2021 (12:50) to Friday, 10 September 2021 (19:05)

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5 Sep 2021
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10 Sep 2021
Poster Session I (until 13:00) ()
11:01 Hyperon pair production at BESIII - Hang Qi   ()
11:02 Slow control and data acquisition systems in the Mu2e experiment - Antonio Gioiosa (Universitiy and INFN Pisa)   ()
11:03 Development of a new beam position detectors for NA61/SHINE experiment. - Marta Urbaniak (University of Silesia in Katowice)   ()
11:04 Development of the ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter Readout Electronics for the HL-LHC - Maheyer Shroff (University of Victoria)   ()
11:05 Mott polarimeter for electrons from neutron decay in BRAND experiment - Ms Karishma Dhanmeher (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow, Poland)   ()
11:06 Electroluminescence yield of He-CF4-isobutane mixtures - Rita Roque (Universidade de Coimbra)   ()
11:07 Improving spatial resolution in neutron detectors with submicrometric B4C layers: Monte Carlo simulation results - Nuno Duarte (LIBPhys - Universidade de Coimbra)   ()
11:08 Searches for baryon number violation via neutron conversions at the European Spallation Source - Sze Chun Yiu (Fysikum, Stockholm University)   ()
11:09 Primary Scintillation Yield in Xenon – Further Experimental Studies - Dr Cristina M. B. Monteiro (LIBPhys, Departament of Physics, University of Coimbra)   ()
11:10 The High Energy Particle Detector for the second China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite - Valentina Scotti (Università di Napoli Federico II - INFN Napoli)   ()
11:11 Design and construction status of the Mu2e crystal calorimeter - Mr fabio happacher (infn)   ()
11:12 Dark matter searches with mono-photon signature at future e+e- colliders - Prof. Aleksander Filip Zarnecki (Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw)   ()
11:13 Probing dark matter with ILC - Aleksander Filip Zarnecki (Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw)   ()
11:14 Higgs searches in $t\bar{t}\phi$ production at the LHC - Rodrigo Capucha (Centro de Física Teórica e Computacional, FCUL)   ()
11:15 Methodology of accounting for aQGC effect on background for improvement of EFT coupling constants limits in case of electroweak $Z\gamma$ production at the conditions of run 2 of the ATLAS experiment - Artur Semushin (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (RU))   ()
11:16 Unstable states in fragmentation of relativistic nuclei (overview) - Pavel Zarubin (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) Andrei Zaitsev (JINR)   ()
11:17 Causal Equation of State of Hadron Resonance Gas with Relativistic Excluded Volumes and Its Relation to Morphological Thermodynamics - Nazar Yakovenko (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv) Kyrill Bugaev (Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics of NAS of Ukraine)   ()
11:18 Anomalous dilepton production as precursory phenomena of color superconductivity - Toru Nishimura (Osaka University)   ()
11:19 Chiral Symmetry Restoration, Thermal Resonances and the $U(1)_A$ symmetry - Prof. Angel Gómez Nicola (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)   ()
11:20 Statistical hadronization explaining strangeness-abundant particle yields in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 17.3 GeV - Krzysztof Piasecki (University of Warsaw)   ()
11:21 The role of small hard-core radius of (anti-)Lambda-hyperons in resolving the puzzle of (anti-)hyper-triton production in high energy nuclear collisions - Oleksandr Vitiuk (INR NASU)   ()
11:23 Hydrodynamic analyses of nuclear collisions in Landau and Eckart frames - Akihiko Monnai (JWU)   ()
11:25 Effect of finite system size on the thermodynamics of hot and magnetized hadron resonance gas - Dr Debasis Atta (Government General Degree College Kharagpur-II)   ()
11:26 Multi-partonic medium induced cascades in expanding media - Souvik Priyam Adhya (Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University)   ()
11:27 Recent results on ultra-peripheral collisions at the LHC with ALICE - Ritsuya Hosokawa (Creighton University)   ()
11:28 Effects of transverse momentum broadening of parton cascades from coherent emissions and scatterings in a medium - Martin Rohrmoser (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences)   ()
11:29 Higgs boson production in the high-energy limit of pQCD - Michael Fucilla (Università della Calabria)   ()
11:30 Prospects for the measurement of the $b$-quark mass at the ILC - Seidai Tairafune (Tohoku Univercity)   ()
11:31 Search for BSM physics with neutron beta decay in the BRAND project - Dr Dagmara Rozpedzik (Jagiellonian University)   ()
11:32 Search for invisible decays at BESIII - kai liu (IHEP)   ()
11:33 The Search for Electric Dipole Moments of Charged Particles in Storage Rings - Achim Andres   ()
11:34 Search for TTRIV in the interaction of polarized neutrons with polarized targets - Dr Libertad Barrón-Palos   ()
11:35 Beta spectrum shape measurements using a multi-wire drift chamber - Lennert De Keukeleere   ()
11:36 Dark matter search with the DarkMESA electron beam-dump experiment - Patrick Achenbach (Uni Mainz)   ()
11:37 Neutron lifetime experiment with pulsed cold neutrons at J-PARC - Go Ichikawa (KEK)   ()
11:38 The TUCAN EDM Experiment - Dr Mark McCrea (The University of Winnipeg)   ()
11:39 Unitarity, thermal corrections, and higher-order $CP$ asymmetric reaction rates in leptogenesis - Dr Peter Matak (Comenius University in Bratislava)   ()
11:41 Sensitivity of r-nuclide distributions to the choice of nuclear mass model - Vasily Negrebetskiy (Lomonosov Moscow State University)   ()
11:43 Overlap integrals of di-neutron cluster state and shell model state - Makoto Ito (Department of Pure and Applied Physics, Kansai University)   ()
11:44 Photo-disintegration of N=Z light nuclei using SRC-based approach - Dr Ranjeet Dalal (Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology)   ()
11:45 Status of the Majorana Demonstrator Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Experiment - Nicholas Ruof (University of Washington)   ()
11:46 Dark matter from a complex scalar singlet and the role of the discrete symmetries - Leonardo Coito (IFIC/Universidad de Valencia)   ()
11:47 Axion-Dark-Matter Search Using Cold Neutrons - Ivo Schulthess (University of Bern)   ()
11:48 Directionality for nuclear recoils in a liquid argon Time Projection Chamber - Bianca Bottino (Princeton University and INFN Genova)   ()
11:49 Is or is not DAMA/LIBRA's a dark matter signal? No PANIC, the COSINUS experiment is coming - Vanessa Zema   ()
11:50 Search for type-III seesaw heavy leptons in leptonic final states in pp collision at sqrt(s)=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector - Mr Giuseppe Carratta (University and INFN, Bologna)   ()
11:51 Study of tau neutrino production with nuclear emulsion at CERN-SPS - Radu Dobre (Institute of Space Science)   ()
11:52 Heavy Neutrinos at Future Linear e+e- Colliders - Krzysztof Mekala (University of Warsaw)   ()
11:53 Status of the Short-Baseline Near Detector at Fermilab - Varuna Meddage (University of Florida)   ()
11:55 Future sensitivity on unitarity, light-sterile neutrinos and neutrino magnetic moment from low-energy experiments - Oscar Sanders Muñoz   ()
11:56 Neutrino mass and phenomenology from a super-weak U(1) symmetry - Timo Kärkkäinen (ELTE Eötvös Lorand University)   ()
11:57 The ESS based neutrino Super Beam Experiment (ESS𝜈SB) - Tamer Tolba (Institut für Experimentalphysik, Universität Hamburg)   ()
11:58 Quasi-Dirac neutrinos in the linear seesaw model - Mr Kevin Monsalvez Pozo (IFIC (CSIC-UV))   ()
11:59 Explaining the MiniBooNE Excess Through a Mixed Model of Oscillation and Decay - Mr Stefano Vergani (University of Cambridge)   ()
12:00 Status of $^{48}$Ca double beta decay search with CANDLES - Saori Umehara   ()
12:01 The NUCLEUS experiment: a search for coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering with reactor antineutrinos - Dr Anthony Onillon (CEA)   ()
12:02 Improved modeling of reactor antineutrino spectra - lorenzo périssé (CEA)   ()
12:03 Reactor CEvNS with SBC Liquid Argon Bubble Chambers - Russell Neilson (Drexel University)   ()
12:04 Reducing the risk of proton therapy with prompt-gamma - José Patuleia Venâncio (LIP)   ()
12:05 Characterization and functional test of a micro dosimeter of scintillated optical fibers - Matild Santos (LIP - Lab. Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas e FCUL - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)   ()
12:06 Modeling the radiobiological effects of gold nanoparticles in proton therapy of glioblastomas - Joana Antunes (LIP - Lab. Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas e FCUL - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa)   ()
12:07 Measurements of Nuclear Modification Factor of Inclusive Full Jet Measurements in Pb-Pb Collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV with LHC-ALICE - Kumaoka Takuya (RIKEN)   ()
12:08 Is there any New Physics? - Aidos Issadykov (JINR&INP)   ()
Dark matter and cosmology - Dan Hooper (University of Chicago) Prof. Simona Murgia (University of California, Irvine) Francisco Neves (LIP Coimbra) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 A machine learning approach to the Galactic Center Excess - Nicholas Rodd (CERN)   ()
13:30 Improving the sensitivity to light dark matter with the Migdal effect - Dr Andrea Messina (Università di Roma Sapienza and INFN)   ()
13:48 Dark Matter search with the CRESST-III experiment - Stefano Di Lorenzo   ()
14:06 New method to search for axion-like particles demonstrated at the COSY storage ring - Swathi Karanth   ()
14:34 Capture of DM in Compact Stars - Giorgio Busoni (Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics)   ()
14:52 Low Mass Black Holes from Dark Core Collapse - Ranjan Laha (Indian Institute of Science)   ()
15:10 New Ideas of Probing Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter - Yue Zhang (Carleton University)   ()
15:38 Status of the LZ Experiment - Alissa Monte (UCSB)   ()
15:56 Measurement of the antinuclei nuclear inelastic cross sections with ALICE and implications for indirect Dark Matter searches - Stephan Koenigstorfer (ALICE Collaboration, Technichal Universiy Munich)   ()
16:14 Anomalies and opportunities in indirect searches for Dark Matter - Mauro Valli (University of California Irvine, US)   ()
16:44 Dark Matter and Long-Lived Particles in Celestial Bodies - Rebecca Leane   ()
Development of accelerators and detectors - Alberto Blanco (LIP) Johannes Bernhard (CERN) Alexander Kiselev (Brookhaven National Laboratory) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 The upgrade of the ATLAS experiment: physics potential and new detector features - Elliot Lipeles (University of Pennsylvania)   ()
13:30 The upgrade on the ATLAS electronic systems in view of the High Luminosity challenge - Stefan Guindon   ()
13:50 The ATLAS Tile Calorimeter performance and its upgrade towards the High-Luminosity LHC - Louis Vaslin (Université Clermont Auvergne (FR))   ()
14:10 ATLAS LAr Calorimeter Commissioning for LHC Run-3 - Nordin Aranzabal (CERN)   ()
14:30 --- Break ---
14:40 DarkSide-20k and the Future Liquid Argon Dark Matter Program - Yi Wang (IHEP, China)   ()
15:10 Space charge effects in liquid argon detectors and ion feedback experimental evidences - Edgar Sanchez (CIEMAT)   ()
15:30 Detector Challenges of the strong-field QED experiment LUXE at the European XFEL - Mr Yan Benhammou (Tel Aviv University)   ()
15:50 The Readout Electronics of the Mu2e Electromagnetic Calorimeter - Luca Morescalchi (INFN - Pisa)   ()
16:10 --- Break ---
16:20 The STAR Forward Upgrade - Carl Gagliardi (Texas A&M University)   ()
16:50 Precision Timing with the CMS MTD Barrel Timing Layer for HL-LHC - Daniele del Re   ()
17:10 The CMS MTD Endcap Timing Layer: Precision Timing with Low Gain Avalanche Detectors - Marta Tornago   ()
17:30 LHCb ECAL upgrade II - Sergei Kholodenko (NRC "Kurchatov Institute" - IHEP)   ()
13:00 Energy frontier physics beyond the standard model - Michele Gallinaro (LIP) Christophe Grojean (DESY (Hamburg) and Humboldt University (Berlin)) Marumi Kado (until 18:00) ()
13:00 BSM vision - Elina Fuchs (CERN)   ()
13:30 Prospects for BSM at LHC (experimental vision) - Livia Soffi (INFN)   ()
13:55 Beyond the SM Higgs physics at LHC (Direct and indirect from Higgs couplings) - Tiesheng Dai   ()
14:20 --- Break ---
14:30 EW SUSY production at the LHC - Dr Holly Pacey (University of Cambridge)   ()
14:55 Strong SUSY and third generation SUSY - Joshua Hiltbrand (University of Minnesota (US))   ()
15:20 New physics searches with the ILD detector at the ILC - Mikael Berggren (DESY)   ()
15:45 --- Break ---
16:00 Probing dark matter with ILC - Aleksander Filip Zarnecki (Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw)   ()
16:25 Search for dark matter at the LHC - Janna Katharina Behr (DESY)   ()
16:50 Probing Higgs-portal dark matter with vector-boson fusion - Eric Madge (Weizmann Institute)   ()
Flavour physics - CKM and beyond - Nuno Leonardo (LIP) Mat Charles (Sorbonne Université / LPNHE) jorge Martin Camalich (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias) (until 18:20) ()
13:00 Flavour physics with electroweak-penguin and semileptonic decays at Belle and Belle II (20+5) - Elisa Manoni (INFN PERUGIA)   ()
13:25 Subleading contributions in rare semileptonic $B^+ \to \pi^+ \ell^+ \ell^-$ decay (17+3) - Irina Parnova (P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University)   ()
13:45 Leptonic and semileptonic D decays at BESIII (12+3) - Ke Liu kai liu (IHEP)   ()
14:00 --- Coffee Break ---
14:30 A Common Origin of Muon g-2, B-Meson Anomalies, and Fermion Mass Hierarchies (17+3) - Dr Anders Eller Thomsen (Universität Bern)   ()
14:50 Rare flavour-physics decays at ATLAS and CMS (20+5) - Aidan Grummer (Fermilab)   ()
15:15 Lepton Flavor in Composite Higgs Models (17+3) - Florian Goertz (MPIK Heidelberg)   ()
15:35 Flavour physics with rare, electroweak-penguin, and semileptonic decays at LHCb (20+5) - Zhenzi Wang (Zürich - UZH)   ()
16:00 --- Coffee Break ---
16:30 Ultralight scalars in leptonic observables (17+3) - Pablo Escribano Valiente (IFIC)   ()
16:50 CKM, CPV and mixing results at LHCb (20+5) - Tommaso Pajero (Oxford)   ()
17:15 Four-quark operators and SU(3): from non-leptonic kaon decays to vacuum matrix elements (17+3) - Antonio Rodriguez Sanchez (IJCLab)   ()
17:35 CP violation and heavy-flavour production results from ATLAS and CMS (20+5) - Federica Maria Simone (Universita e INFN, Bari (IT))   ()
Hadron spectroscopy and exotics - Karin Schönning (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University, Sweden) Andrew Jackura (Old Dominion University & Jefferson Lab) Ryan Mitchell (Indiana University) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 Light meson spectroscopy at BESIII - Tingting Han (山东大学)   ()
13:20 High energy $\pi\eta^{(\prime)}$ production and the double Regge exchange - Lukasz Bibrzycki (Pedagogical University of Krakow)   ()
13:40 Hadron physics results at KLOE/KLOE2 - Andrzej Kupsc   ()
14:00 Resonance studies at JPAC - Alessandro Pilloni (Unive)   ()
14:20 --- Coffee break ---
14:50 Recent results on charmonium and bottomonium states at Belle - Pavel Krokovny (BINP)   ()
15:10 : Decay modes of the pseudoscalar glueball and its first excited state - Walaa Eshraim   ()
15:30 Study of phi(2170) at BESIII - Linqin Huang   ()
15:50 Hamiltonian effective field theory in elongated or moving finite volume - Yan Li   ()
16:10 --- Coffee break ---
16:30 Recent Results from the Gluonic eXcitation Experiment (GlueX) at JLab - Daniel Lersch (Florida State University)   ()
16:50 Light meson decays at BESIII - Viktor Thorén (Uppsala University)   ()
17:10 When heavy-ion collisions help distinguish triangle singularities from actual hadrons - Felipe J. Llanes-Estrada (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)   ()
Hadrons in medium - hyperons and mesons in nuclear matter - William Horowitz (University of Cape Town) Laura Fabbietti Hirokazu Tamura (Tohoku University) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 Experimental status toward the direct lifetime measurement of Hypertriton using the (K-, pi0) reaction at J-PARC - Takaya Akaishi (Osaka University)   ()
13:25 Experimental hint of the genuine three-hadron interactions using femtoscopy in pp collisions with ALICE - Laura Šerkšnytė (Technical University of Munich)   ()
13:50 Measurement of the hypertriton properties and production at the LHC - Michael Hartung (Goethe University Frankfurt)   ()
14:10 Preparation of the hypertriton binding energy measurement at MAMI - Philipp Eckert (JGU Mainz)   ()
14:30 --- Coffee break ---
14:45 Status and perspectives for low energy kaon-nucleon interaction studies at DAFNE: from SIDDHARTA to SIDDHARTA-2 - Florin Catalin Sirghi (INFN-LNF)   ()
15:10 Heavy $\Xi^-$ hyperatoms at $\overline{\mbox{P}}$ANDA - Marcell Steinen (Helmholtz-Institute Mainz)   ()
15:30 Four-body Faddeev-type calculation of the $\bar{K}NNN$ system - Nina Shevchenko (Nuclear Physics Institute)   ()
15:50 Electromagnetic form factors of baryons in nuclear medium - Gilberto Ramalho (Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul (Sao Paulo, Brazil))   ()
16:10 --- Coffee Break ---
16:20 Exploring strangeness enhancement in pp collisions through strange-hadron correlation studies - Chiara De Martin   ()
16:40 π0 production in Ag+Ag collisions at 1.23 AGeV beam energy - Arseniy Shabanov (INR RAS)   ()
17:00 Studying the structure of a bound proton through polarization-transfer measurements - Dr TIm Kolar (Tel Aviv University)   ()
Hot and dense matter physics - QGP and heavy ion collisions - Dennis Perepelitsa (University of Colorado Boulder) Leticia Cunqueiro (ORNL) Guilherme Milhano (LIP) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 ALICE measurements of inclusive untagged and heavy flavor-tagged jets in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions - Isakov Artem (Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences)   ()
13:18 A Time Reclustering Algorithm for Jet Quenching Studies - André Cordeiro (LIP/IST)   ()
13:36 Measurements of jet quenching via hadron+jet correlations in Pb-Pb and high-particle multiplicity pp collisions with ALICE - Artem Kotliarov (Czech Academy of Sciences (CZ))   ()
13:54 Medium induced gluon spectrum in the Improved Opacity Expansion - Joao Barata (IGFAE)   ()
14:12 Deep Learning for the Classification of Quenched Jets - Rute Pedro (LIP)   ()
14:50 Hard probes of heavy ion collisions with ATLAS - Christopher McGinn   ()
15:08 Deep learning jet modifications in heavy-ion collisions - YILUN DU (University of Bergen)   ()
15:26 Deciphering the role of multiple scatterings and time delays in the in-medium emission process - Marcos Gonzalez Martinez (IGFAE - Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES))   ()
15:44 N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills thermodynamics to order λ^2 - Ubaid Tantary (Kent State University, Kent Ohio, USA.)   ()
16:02 Systematic study of energy loss in quark-gluon plasma at RHIC-PHENIX - Ms Mika Shibata (Nara Women's University)   ()
16:40 Virtual Photon Measurements with the HADES at GSI - Sergey Morozov (INR RAS, Moscow) Jan-Hendrik Otto (Justus-Liebig Universität Gießen) Mikhail Mamaev (NRNU MEPhI)   ()
16:58 Study of the phase diagram of strongly interacting matter in the NA61/SHINE experiment - Maja Mackowiak-Pawlowska (Warsaw University of Technology (PL))   ()
17:16 Warm dense QCD matter in strong magnetic fields - Helena Kolesova (University of Stavanger)   ()
Neutrino physics - Kendall Mahn (Michigan State University) José Wagner Valle (IFIC, Valencia) Jose Maneira (LIP) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 Coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering experimental programs - Prof. Kate Scholberg (Duke University)   ()
13:30 Detecting CEvNS and beyond with CONUS - Janina Hakenmüller (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelbeg)   ()
13:50 Particle physics implications of coherent elastics neutrino-nucleus scattering - Omar Miranda (Cinvestav)   ()
14:10 CEvNS nuclear physics aspects - Dr Dimitrios Papoulias (University of Ioannina)   ()
14:45 New insight Into nuclear physics and weak mixing angle using electroweak probes - Nicola Cargioli (INFN Cagliari and University of Cagliari)   ()
15:05 The status of T2K and Hyper-K experiments - Cristovao Vilela (European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN))   ()
15:35 Neutrino Oscillation Results from the NOvA Experiment - Dr Erica Smith (Indiana University)   ()
15:55 Status of the Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory - Alberto Garfagnini (Padova University and INFN Padova, Italy)   ()
16:30 Neutrino oscillations: current status and future opportunities - Mariam Tórtola (IFIC (CSIC/Universitat de València))   ()
17:00 Search for eV Sterile Neutrinos - The STEREO Experiment - Mathieu Vialat   ()
17:20 Short-Baseline neutrino oscillation searches with the ICARUS detector - Bruce Howard (Fermilab)   ()
17:40 The Scattering and Neutrino Detector at the LHC - Ettore Zaffaroni (EPFL (CH))   ()
Nuclear and particle astrophysics -Prof. Achim Schwenk (TU Darmstadt) Rúben Conceição (LIP) Prof. Jaime Alvarez-Muniz (IGFAE) Daniel Galaviz (LIP) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 Study of Short-Range Correlations using a 48 GeV/c carbon beam - Julian Kahlbow (MIT & Tel Aviv University)   ()
13:20 Heavy-ion collisions and the low-density neutron star equation of state - Helena Pais (University of Coimbra)   ()
13:40 Recent developments in the In-Medium Similarity Renormalization Group - Alexander Tichai (TU Darmstadt)   ()
14:00 Bridging the gap between spectroscopy of hot, radioactive ion beams, and cold, precise measurements - Dr Adam Vernon (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   ()
14:30 LUNA results on deuterium burning and implications for cosmology - Dr Federico Ferraro (Università degli Studi di Milano and INFN Milano)   ()
14:50 Neutrino flavor evolution in dense environments and the r-process - Dr Maria Cristina Volpe (Astroparticle and Cosmology (APC) Laboratory and CNRS)   ()
15:10 r-Process Radioisotopes from Near-Earth Supernovae and Kilonovae - Xilu Wang (University of Notre Dame)   ()
15:25 Atomic Structure Calculations in Lanthanide and Actinide ions relevant to kilonovae - Ricardo Ferreira da Silva (LIP)   ()
15:40 First results from the ARTIE experiment - Luca Pagani (UC Davis)   ()
16:05 Novel Focal-Plane Detector Concepts for PID at the FRIB S800 Spectormeter - Marco Cortesi   ()
16:20 Experimental investigations of proton-capture reactions with $^{112,114}$Cd at energies of astrophysical interest - Mr Polytimos Vasileiou (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)   ()
16:35 Determination of 118Sn(p,g)119Sb cross-section at astrophysical energies from X-ray emission yields - Manuel Xarepe (LIP)   ()
16:50 Trojan Horse Method for n-induced reaction investigations at astrophysical energies - Maria Letizia Sergi (LNS - Laboratori Nazionali del Sud, Catania)   ()
17:05 Cross section of the $^{13}$C($\alpha$,n)$^{16}$O reaction at low energies in the framework of LUNA collaboration - Giovanni Francesco Ciani (Università degli Studi di Bari & INFN Ba)   ()
17:20 Extension of Migdal-Watson formula and its application to binary breakup reaction - riu nakamoto (department of pure and applied physics, kansai university)   ()
17:35 New observation of α decay of $^{190}Pt$ to the first excited level of $^{186}Os$ - Dr Mariia Romaniuk (Institute for Nuclear Research of NASU)   ()
QCD, spin physics and chiral dynamics - Salvatore Fazio Catarina Quintans (LIP) Miguel Echevarria (University of Alcalá) (until 18:03) ()
13:00 The structure of the proton at 1% precision: NNPDF4.0 - Juan Rojo (VU Amsterdam and Nikhef)   ()
13:15 Exclusive cross section measurements at COMPASS - Po-Ju Lin (CEA - Université Paris-Saclay)   ()
13:33 Angular dependence and target-spin dependent asymmetries in pion-induced collisions at the COMPASS experiment - April Townsend (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)   ()
13:48 Overview of recent HERMES results on transverse-momentum dependent spin asymmetries - Markus Diefenthaler (Jefferson Lab)   ()
14:03 Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering off the Neutron with CLAS12 at Jefferson Lab - Pierre Chatagnon (INFN Genova) Adam Hobart   ()
14:18 First-time observation of Timelike Compton Scattering, with the CLAS12 detector - Pierre Chatagnon (INFN Genova)   ()
14:33 Charged-averaged elastic lepton-proton scattering cross section results from OLYMPUS - Axel Schmidt (George Washington University)   ()
14:48 --- Break ---
14:58 Global Analysis of SSAs from Current and Future Data - Daniel Pitonyak (Lebanon Valley College)   ()
15:13 Helicity Evolution at Small x: the Single-Logarithmic Contribution - Yossathorn Tawabutr (The Ohio State University)   ()
15:28 First analysis of world polarized DIS data with small-$x$ helicity evolution - Daniel Adamiak (Ohio State University)   ()
15:43 Simultaneous Extraction of Spin-Averaged and Helicity Light Quark Sea Asymmetries - Christopher Cocuzza (Temple University)   ()
15:58 Understanding the large transverse momenta in SIDIS - Giovanni Angelini (The George Washington University)   ()
16:13 --- Break ---
16:23 Back-to-back di-$\pi^{0}$ correlations at STAR - Xiaoxuan Chu (BNL)   ()
16:38 Transverse single-spin asymmetries and cross section of weak bosons in p+p collisions at √s = 510 GeV - Oleg Eyser (BNL)   ()
16:56 Recent Spin Results at PHENIX - Milap Patel (ISU)   ()
17:11 Measurements of jet substructure in proton-proton collisions with ALICE - Reynier Cruz Torres (LBNL)   ()
17:26 Searches for Chiral Magnetic Effect and Chiral Magnetic Wave in Xe-Xe and Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE - Andrea Danu (Institute of Space Science Romania)   ()
17:44 ATLAS results on charmonium production and B_c production and decays - Semen Turchikhin (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (RU))   ()
Standard model physics at the TeV scale - Patricia CONDE MUíñO (LIP) Emanuele Re Pedro Silva (LIP) (until 18:15) ()
13:00 Status and future prospects of precision computations for Higgs Physics at the LHC - Prof. Fabrizio Caola (Oxford)   ()
13:25 Measurement of Higgs differential distributions at the LHC - Arun Kumar (Rice University, USA)   ()
13:45 Higgs couplings to fermions and bosons (including inclusive cross sections, coupling combinations, spin/CP measurements of couplings) at the LHC - Serhat Ördek (Uppsala University)   ()
14:05 Probing Higgs couplings to light quarks via Higgs pair production - Lina Alasfar (Humboldt-Universita ̈t zu Berlin)   ()
14:30 --- Break ---
14:45 Combined SMEFT interpretation of Higgs, diboson, and top quark data from the LHC - Juan Rojo (VU Amsterdam and Nikhef)   ()
15:05 Higgs rare and exotic decays at the LHC - Miha Muskinja (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)   ()
15:25 Full NLO QCD corrections to Higgs-pair production in the Standard Model and beyond - Dr Julien Baglio (CERN)   ()
15:45 Double Higgs production at the LHC - Louis Portales (LLR, CNRS)   ()
16:05 --- Break ---
16:20 Perspectives for Higgs measurements at Future Colliders - Ang Li (APC Paris)   ()
16:40 ILC Higgs Physics Potential - Dr Shin-ichi Kawada (KEK)   ()
17:00 Nailing Higgs Couplings at Future Colliders - Ayan Paul (DESY, Hamburg and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)   ()
17:20 Single boson production overview (W, Z, ४) at the LHC - Mario Pelliccioni (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)   ()
Tests of symmetries and conservation laws - Michael Doser (CERN) Antonio Pich (IFIC) DMITRY BUDKER (Helmholtz Institute Mainz JGU Mainz and UC Berkeley) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 The muon to electron conversion process and the Mu2e experiment at Fermilab - Simone Donati (University of Pisa and Infn Pisa)   ()
13:20 Tau physics prospects at Belle II - Thomas Kraetzschmar (Max Planck Institute for Physics)   ()
13:45 Lepton-flavour violation in hadronic tau decays and $\mu-\tau$ conversion in nuclei - Kevin Monsalvez Pozo (IFIC (CSIC-UV))   ()
14:05 --- switch to EDM, g-2, QED tests ---
14:10 A new limit on the permanent electric dipole moment of the neutron - Geza Zsigmond   ()
14:35 Improved bounds on heavy quark electric dipole moments - Hector Gisbert (TU Dortmund)   ()
14:55 BeamEDM - A beam experiment to search for the neutron electric dipole moment - Anastasio Fratangelo (University of Bern)   ()
15:15 Overview and status of the PanEDM experiment at ILL - Dr Florian Kuchler (TU München)   ()
15:35 --- coffee break ---
15:50 Precision spectroscopy of RaF molecules for fundamental physics - Silviu-Marian Udrescu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   ()
16:15 Short-distance constraints in hadronic-light-by-light for the muon $g-2$ - Prof. Johan Bijnens (Lund University)   ()
16:35 LUXE: A new experiment to study non-perturbative QED in electron-LASER and photon-LASER collisions - Shan Huang (Tel Aviv University & DESY-LUXE)   ()
16:55 Searching for time-varying nuclear electric dipole moments using precision magnetic resonance - Alex Sushkov (Boston University)   ()
12:45 Opening - Prof. Helena Santos (LIP) Prof. Stephan Paul (TU Munich) Prof. Mário Pimenta (LIP)   ()
Plenary session -Prof. Young-Kee Kim (The University of Chicago) (until 14:30) ()
13:00 Overview on theoretical issues of standard model and physics at the TeV scale - Fabio Maltoni (Lovain UC.)   ()
13:30 Higgs physics results by ATLAS and CMS - Nicolo' Trevisani (Universidad de Oviedo - ICTEA (ES))   ()
14:00 Highlights of EW and QCD results at the LHC - Javier Jiménez Peña (Max Planck)   ()
14:30 --- Break - Conference photo ---
Plenary session - Alexandre Lindote (LIP) (until 16:10) ()
14:40 Theoretical understanding on dark matter - Gianfranco Bertone (Amsterdam U.)   ()
15:10 Observational multi-messenger physics with neutrinos and beyond - Donglian Xu (T.D. Lee Institute)   ()
15:40 Experimental searches for dark matter - Richard Gaitskell (Brown U.)   ()
16:10 --- Break ---
Plenary session -Prof. Soo-Bong Kim (Sungkyunkwan University) (until 17:20) ()
16:20 Theoretical progress in the field of neutrino physics - Pilar Hernandez (IFIC)   ()
16:50 New experimental results in the field of neutrino physics - Thierry Lasserre (CEA)   ()
17:35 Discussion   ()
Plenary session - jorge Martin Camalich (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias) (until 14:30) ()
13:00 New theoretical aspects of flavor physics - Gino Isidori (Zurich U.)   ()
13:30 LHCb results - Nigel Watson (Birmingham U.)   ()
14:00 Belle II results - Takeo Higuchi (Kavli IPMU)   ()
14:30 --- Break ---
Plenary session - DMITRY BUDKER (Helmholtz Institute Mainz JGU Mainz and UC Berkeley) (until 16:10) ()
14:40 Theoretical aspects of fundamental symmetries and conservation laws - Vincenzo Cirigliano (LANL)   ()
15:10 Overview on experimental tests of fundamental symmetries and conservation laws - Klaus Kirch (PSI)   ()
15:40 The muon g-2 experiment at FNAL - Martin Fertl (Mainz U.)   ()
16:10 --- Break ---
Plenary session -Prof. Stephan Paul (TU Munich) (until 17:20) ()
16:20 Theoretical understanding of light and heavy hadrons - Feng-Kun Guo (CAS)   ()
16:50 New experimental results on light and heavy hadrons - Changzheng Yuan (IHEP)   ()
17:35 Discussion   ()
Poster Session II (until 20:10) ()
18:10 A combined fit to the Higgs Branching Ratios at ILD - Jonas Kunath (LLR – CNRS, École polytechnique)   ()
18:11 Kinematic fitting for ParticleFlow Detectors at Future Higgs Factories - Yasser Radkhorrami (DESY)   ()
18:12 Tagging large-radius $b$-jets from Higgs decays dropping unneeded information - Andrea Di Luca (University of Trento (IT), FBK and TIFPA)   ()
18:13 Measurement of the ttH production cross-section in multi-leptonic final states in pp collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector - Mr Chenliang Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University / CPPM, Aix-Marseille Université)   ()
18:15 Experimental tests of QCD scaling laws at large momentum transfer in exclusive light-meson photoproduction - Igor Strakovsky (The George Washington University)   ()
18:16 Studying chiral imbalance using Chiral Perturbation Theory. - Andrea Vioque-Rodríguez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)   ()
18:17 Semi-Exclusive Double Drell-Yan factorization and GTMDs - Patricia Andrea Gutiérrez García (Complutense University of Madrid)   ()
18:19 QCD physics measurements at the LHCb experiment - Davide Zuliani (Padova)   ()
18:20 Inclusive Jet Cross-section Measurements in $pp$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s} =$ 200 and 510 GeV with STAR - Zilong Chang   ()
18:21 The Updated SIDDHARTA-2 Apparatus for Kaonic Deuterium X-Ray Spectroscopy - Marlene Tüchler (Stefan Meyer Institute (Austrian Academy of Sciences))   ()
18:22 TPEX@DESY - Measuring Two-Photon Exchange at the DESY Test Beam Facility - Mr Patrick Moran (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   ()
18:23 Development, construction and qualification tests of the mechanical structures of the electromagnetic calorimeter of the Mu2e experiment at Fermilab - Dr Daniele Pasciuto (University of Pisa and Infn Pisa)   ()
18:24 Luminosity determination in ALICE - Chong Kim (Pusan National University)   ()
18:25 Machine Learning for Real-Time Processing of ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter Signals with FPGAs - Peter Matta (CPPM, Aix-Marseille Universite, CNRS/IN2P3 (FR))   ()
18:26 Purification of large volume of liquid argon for LEGEND-200 - Malgorzata Haranczyk (Jagiellonian University)   ()
18:27 Light Collection for the Scintillating Bubble Chamber (SBC) - Hector Hawley Herrera   ()
18:28 Neutral Bremsstrahlung in xenon unveiled - Dr Carlos Henriques (LIBPhys-Coimbra) on behalf of the NEXT Collaboration   ()
18:30 Charged Hadron Identification with dE/dx and Time-of-Flight at Future Higgs Factories - Ulrich Einhaus (DESY)   ()
18:31 Performance and calibration for the identification of boosted Higgs bosons decaying into beauty quark pairs in ATLAS - Eleanor Jones (University of Warwick)   ()
18:32 Prospects of studying the production of hypernuclei in heavy-ion interactions at the NICA collider at JINR - Viktar Kireyeu (JINR)   ()
18:33 The Triple Nuclear Collisions Method opens a new frontier to investigate the QCD matter properties at ultrahigh baryonic charge densities - Prof. Valery Pugatch (Institute for Nuclear Research, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) Kyrill Bugaev (Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics of NAS of Ukraine) Mr Oleksandr Vitiuk (Institute for Nuclear Research, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)   ()
18:34 Measurements of quarkonium production in pp, p–Pb and Pb–Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC - Hushnud Hushnud (Aligarh Muslim University)   ()
18:35 A strong influence of weak decays on chemical freeze-out parameters of hadrons measured in high energy nuclear collisions found within the advanced Hadron Resonance Gas Model - Elizaveta Zherebtsova   ()
18:36 Stability and Causality of the relativistic third order hydrodynamics - Mr Jobin Sebastian (School of Physical Sciences, National Institute of Science Education and Research, HBNI, Jatni-752050, India.)   ()
18:37 Flow fluctuation studies using a multiharmonic/large-order cumulant analysis - Dr Seyed Farid Taghavi (Technical University of Munich)   ()
18:38 Strange particle production in relativistic nuclear collisions - Oana Ristea (University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics)   ()
18:39 Non-prompt J/$\psi$ measurements at midrapidity in pp, p--Pb and Pb--Pb collisions with ALICE - Mr Himanshu Sharma (Institute of Nuclear Physics, PAN)   ()
18:40 Measurement of low mass dileptons in ALICE - Dr Victor Jose Gaston Feuillard (Ruprecht Karls Universitaet Heidelberg (DE))   ()
18:41 NLO Corrections to Di-Jet Production in DIS Using the Color Glass Condensate - Filip Bergabo (CUNY)   ()
18:42 A study of the nuclear structure in the even-even Yb isotopes - Aikaterini Zyriliou (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)   ()
18:43 Low Mass Straw Tube Tracker for the Mu2e Experiment - Mete Yucel (Fermilab)   ()
18:44 Machine Learning for Background Hit Rejection in the Mu2e Straw Tracker - Mr Digvijay Roy Varier (University of California, Berkeley)   ()
18:45 Results of Jpsi weak decay searching at BESIII - Chengwei Wang (Nanjing University)   ()
18:46 Ultracold neutron production and extraction from solid deuterium at the PSI UCN source - Ingo Rienäcker (Paul Scherrer Institut)   ()
18:47 CPT symmetry test in positronium annihilations with the J-PET detector - Neha Chug (Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland)   ()
18:48 WISArD : Weak Interaction Studies with 32Ar Decay - Prof. Maud Versteegen (Université de Bordeaux, CNRS-IN2P3, CENBG Gradignan, France)   ()
18:49 The n2EDM experiment at the Paul Scherrer Institute, PSI - Solange Emmenegger (ETH Zürich)   ()
18:50 Improvement of systematic uncertainties for the neutron lifetime experiment at J-PARC - Takanori Mogi (The University of Tokyo)   ()
18:51 MUSE, the MUon proton Scattering Experiment - Evangeline Downie (George Washington University)   ()
18:52 Backgrounds and sensitivity of the KDK experiment measuring a rare decay of potassium - Philippe Di Stefano (Queen's University)   ()
18:53 Background model and science reach of the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) experiment - Alexandre Lindote (LIP)   ()
18:54 The Cygno experiment for Dark Matter direct detection - Stefano Piacentini (Università di Roma Sapienza and INFN)   ()
18:55 NEWS-G: Search for Light Dark Matter with Spherical Proportional Counters - Tom Neep (University of Birmingham)   ()
18:56 The MIGDAL experiment: towards the first observation of the Migdal effect - Elias Lopez Asamar   ()
18:57 Minimal Froggatt-Nielsen Textures - Alessio Mastroddi (Università di Roma "Roma Tre")   ()
18:58 The NP06/ENUBET experiment: a monitored neutrino beam - Antonio Branca (Dipartimento di Fisica-Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca and INFN-Sezione di Milano-Bicocca)   ()
19:01 The System for on-Axis Neutrino Detection at the DUNE Near Detector complex - Matteo Tenti (INFN - BO)   ()
19:02 DANSS Experiment around the Five Year Milestone. - Dr Dmitry Svirida (ITEP, Moscow, Rusiia)   ()
19:03 In-situ Cosmogenic Background for LEGEND - Clay Barton (University of South Dakota)   ()
19:04 A Machine Learning Algorithm for Triggering the Project 8 Neutrino Mass Experiment - Andrew Ziegler (Penn State)   ()
19:05 QED corrections to charged-current neutrino-nucleon elastic scattering - Oleksandr Tomalak   ()
19:06 LEGEND: The 76Ge Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Program - Walter Pettus (Indiana University)   ()
19:07 Search for sterile neutrinos in low-energy double-cascade events with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory: a first expected sensitivity - David Vannerom (MIT)   ()
19:08 Measurement of the 136Xe ββ2ν half-life with NEXT-White - Miryam Martínez-Vara (DIPC)   ()
19:09 Jet flavour tagging for the ATLAS Experiment - Martino Centonze (INFN Lecce, University of Salento)   ()
19:10 ATLAS measurements of CP violation and rare decays processes with beauty mesons - Lukas Novotny (Czech Technical University in Prague)   ()
19:11 Time calibration and monitoring in the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter - Stanislav Polacek   ()
Applications of nuclear and particle physics technology -Dr Jorge Sampaio (LIP - Lab. Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas e FCUL - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa) Patricia Gonçalves (LIP) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 Proton-range verification in proton radiation therapy using PET - Dr Stefaan Tavernier (PETsys Electronics, SA )   ()
13:30 From tests of discrete symmetries to medical imaging with J-PET detector - Prof. Paweł Moskal (Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Poland)   ()
13:50 Adapting a computed tomogram to Geant4 for monitoring proton therapy via prompt-gamma rays and time-of-flight PET - Patricia Gonçalves (LIP) Dr Jorge Sampaio (LIP - Lab. Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas e FCUL - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa) Paulo Crespo (LIP) João Silva Andrey Morozov (LIP) Hugo Simões (LIP Coimbra) Valéria Lopes José Teodoro Margarida Simões   ()
14:20 Measurements of primary and secondary particle tracks in live cells - Dr Gabriel Sawakuchi (The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center)   ()
14:50 Scintillating array for real – time high – resolution ion therapy dosimetry – Initial Design and Simulations - Duarte Guerreiro (LIP - Lab. Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas e FCUL - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)   ()
15:20 Ion beams for the development of radiation resistant semiconductors - Dr K. Lorenz (INESC-MN and IPFN, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal)   ()
15:50 Charge identification of fragments in FOOT experiment by nuclear emulsion detector - Prof. Adele Lauria (Università di Napoli "Federico II")   ()
16:10 Measurements of 16O fragmentation cross sections on C target with the FOOT apparatus - Marco Toppi (La Sapienza University of Rome)   ()
Dark matter and cosmology - Francisco Neves (LIP Coimbra) Simona Murgia (University of California, Irvine) Dan Hooper (University of Chicago) (until 18:20) ()
13:00 The Fermi-LAT GeV excess: from dark matter to point sources - Francesca Calore   ()
13:30 Signatures of Primordial Black Holes in theories of Large Extra Dimensions - Avi Friedlander (Queen's University)   ()
13:48 Bound state formation effects for dark matter beyond WIMPs - Jan Heisig (UCLouvain)   ()
14:06 Search for Dark Matter signatures from cosmic-ray antinuclei with the GAPS experiment - Alessio Tiberio (INFN, Firenze (IT))   ()
14:24 The PADME Scientific Program - Paola Gianotti (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati of INFN)   ()
14:52 The Light Dark Matter eXperiment, LDMX - Dr Geoffrey Mullier (Lund University)   ()
15:10 Dark-sector physics at Belle II - Martina Laurenza   ()
15:28 Probing new physics at the LUXE experiment - Arka Santra (Weizmann Institute of Science)   ()
15:46 Dark sector searches at Belle - Christos Hadjivasiliou (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)   ()
16:04 Dark sector searches with NA64 experiment at CERN - Laura Molina Bueno (IFIC (CSIC/UV))   ()
16:32 Search for New Physics in e+e- Final States With an Invariant Mass of 10-20 MeV Using the ARIEL Electron Accelerator - Prof. Ross Corliss (Stony Brook University) Prof. Jan Bernauer (Stony Brook University)   ()
16:50 Dark Matter Interpretation of the Fermi-LAT Observations Toward the Outer Halo of M31 - Chris Karwin (Clemson University)   ()
17:20 New Physics and the Black Hole Mass Gap - Sam McDermott   ()
17:50 Axions, strong lensing and deep learning: Towards convincing dark matter discoveries in astrophysical data - Christoph Weniger (University of Amsterdam)   ()
Development of accelerators and detectors - Alexander Kiselev (Brookhaven National Laboratory) Johannes Bernhard (CERN) Alberto Blanco (LIP) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 The PADME Detector - Dr Federico Pinna (PoliTo)   ()
13:30 The PANDA Experiment - Dr Ilknur Koseoglu (JLU Giessen)   ()
14:00 The BeEST Experiment: A Search for sub-MeV BSM Physics in the Neutrino Sector with Superconducting Quantum Sensors - Prof. Kyle Leach (Colorado School of Mines)   ()
14:20 --- Break ---
14:30 UCN-Detection System for the PanEDM Experiment - Magdalena Pieler (For the PanEDM Colaboration)   ()
14:50 Detector R&D for the International Linear Collider - David Miller (University of Chicago)   ()
15:10 Recent developments of the SDHCAL prototype - Gerald Grenier (IP2I, CNRS, Univ Lyon 1 (FR))   ()
15:30 Polystyrene-based scintillator production process involving additive manufacturing - Dr Umut Kose (CERN)   ()
15:50 --- Break ---
16:00 Forward silicon vertex/tracking detector design and R$\&$D for the future Electron-Ion Collider - Xuan Li (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   ()
16:20 Neutron beam test with a scintillator tracker for long-baseline neutrino experiments - Guang Yang (Stony Brook University)   ()
16:40 Opportunities of Si-microstrip LGAD for next-generation Space detectors - Matteo Duranti (INFN, Perugia (IT))   ()
17:00 The SHERPA experiment - Marco Garattini (INFN-LNF)   ()
17:20 Rogowski beam position monitors - Mrs Falastine Abusaif (Fourschungszentrum Jülich)   ()
13:00 Energy frontier physics beyond the standard model - Christophe Grojean (DESY (Hamburg) and Humboldt University (Berlin)) Marumi Kado Michele Gallinaro (LIP) (until 18:05) ()
13:00 SM Anomalies and BSM interpretations - Claudia Cornella (University of Zurich)   ()
13:30 Leptoquarks and HVB (in scenarios of LFU anomaly) - Arne Christoph Reimers (Universität Zürich (CH))   ()
13:55 Constraints on coloured scalars from global fits - Victor Miralles (IFIC-UV)   ()
14:20 --- Break ---
14:30 BSM with axions - Andrea Thamm (University of Melbourne)   ()
15:00 Searches for Axion-Like Particles - Adrián Casais Vidal (Instituto Galego de Física de Altas Enerxías)   ()
15:25 Searches for long-lived particles at CMS - Malgorzata Kazana (NCBJ PL)   ()
15:50 Long-lived particles and unconventional signatures at LHC - Monica Verducci (INFN and Universita' di Pisa)   ()
16:15 --- Break ---
16:20 Prospects for searches of new physics at future facilities beyond HL-LHC - Clement Helsens (CERN)   ()
16:45 Search Prospect for Extremely Weakly-Interacting Particles in Gamma Factory - Sreemanti Chakraborti (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India)   ()
17:10 Search for heavy resonances at the LHC (ED, HVB, etc…) - Dominik Duda (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (DE))   ()
17:35 Cosmological approaches to the Higgs hierarchy problem - Daniele Teresi (CERN)   ()
Flavour physics - CKM and beyond - jorge Martin Camalich (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias) Mat Charles (Sorbonne Université / LPNHE) Nuno Leonardo (LIP) (until 18:20) ()
13:00 Measurements of hadronic B and D decays at Belle and Belle II (20+5) - Yi Zhang   ()
13:25 Searching for New Physics with $B^0_s \rightarrow D_s^{\pm} K^{\mp} $ Decays (17+3) - Eleftheria Malami (Nikhef, Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics)   ()
13:45 Hadronic decays of charmed hadrons at BESIII (12+3) - Ying-Rui Hou (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)   ()
14:00 Belle II hot topic: Precise measurements of the D meson lifetimes (12+3) - Nisar Nellikunnumel (Brookhaven)   ()
14:15 --- Coffee Break ---
14:40 Measurement of structure dependent radiative $K^{+} \rightarrow e^{+} \nu \gamma$ decays using stopped positive kaons at E36 (12+3) - Atsushi Kobayashi (Department of Physics, Chiba University, Chiba,)   ()
14:55 Explaining the Cabibbo Angle Anomaly (17+3) - Claudio Andrea Manzari (University of Zurich)   ()
15:15 Searches for decays with invisible particles in the final state at NA62 (17+3) - Prof. Cristina Lazzeroni   ()
15:35 Structure-dependent electromagnetic finite-size effects on the lattice (17+3) - Nils Hermansson-Truedsson (Universität Bern)   ()
15:55 Search for K+ decays to a lepton and invisible particles at NA62 (12+3) - Simone Schuchmann (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)   ()
16:10 --- Coffee Break ---
16:40 Standard Model prediction of the Bc lifetime (17+3) - Jason Aebischer (UCSD)   ()
17:00 Flavour-physics prospects in Run3 and at the HL-LHC at ATLAS and CMS (15+5) - Adriano Di Florio (Politecnico & INFN Bari)   ()
17:20 Flavor Physics at the FCC-ee (15+5) - Dr Donal Hill   ()
17:40 Flavour prospects with the LHCb upgrades (15+5) - Dr Evelina Mihova Gersabeck   ()
Hadron spectroscopy and exotics - Karin Schönning (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University, Sweden) Andrew Jackura (Old Dominion University & Jefferson Lab) Ryan Mitchell (Indiana University) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 Charmonium Decays at BESIII - Houbing Jiang (Shandong University)   ()
13:20 Covalent hadronic molecules from QCD sum rules - Hua-Xing Chen (Southeast University)   ()
13:40 Quarkonium at Belle II - Vishal Bhardwaj (IISER, Mohali)   ()
14:00 Recent XYZ studies at BESIII - William Imoehl (Indiana University)   ()
14:20 --- Coffee break ---
14:50 Exclusive and Inclusive photoproduction of XYZ - Vincent Mathieu (University of Barcelona)   ()
15:10 Observation of the first hidden-charm strange tetraquark at BESIII - Jingyi ZHAO   ()
15:30 Range correction in the weak-binding relation for unstable states - Tomona Kinugawa (Tokyo Metropolitan University)   ()
15:50 Recent CMS results in conventional and exotic hadron spectroscopy - Vincenzo Mastrapasqua (Universita e INFN, Bari (IT))   ()
16:10 --- Coffee break ---
16:40 Recent results on charmed baryon at Belle - Suxian Li   ()
17:00 Results of polarization observables in photoproduction reactions from the CBELSA/TAPS experiment - Farah Afzal (University of Bonn)   ()
17:20 Extraction of S-matrix pole structure using deep learning - Dr Denny Lane Sombillo (RCNP, Osaka University and NIP University of the Philippines Diliman)   ()
17:40 ATLAS results on J/psi p resonances in the Lambda_b -> J/psi p K decays - Ivan Yeletskikh   ()
Hadrons in medium - hyperons and mesons in nuclear matter - Laura Fabbietti Hirokazu Tamura (Tohoku University) William Horowitz (University of Cape Town) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 Hypernuclear spectroscopy with extended shell-model configurations - Dr Atsushi Umeya (Nippon Institute of Technology)   ()
13:20 Light Exotic Λ Hypernuclei - Semyon Sidorov (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)   ()
13:40 S-shell $\Lambda$ and $\Lambda\Lambda$ hypernuclei based on chiral EFT - Dr Hoai Le (IAS-4, IKP-4 Forschungszentrum Jülich )   ()
14:00 Measurement of proton-deuteron correlations in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV - Michael Jung (Institut für Kernphysik Frankfurt)   ()
14:20 --- Coffee break ---
14:35 X-ray spectroscopy experiments on exotic Xi atoms at J-PARC - Takeshi O Yamamoto (JAEA)   ()
15:00 Femtoscopic study of coupled-channel baryon-baryon interactions with $S=-2$ - Akira Ohnishi   ()
15:25 The phi meson in nuclear matter in a transport approach - Philipp Gubler (JAEA)   ()
15:45 $\Upsilon$} and \boldmath{$\eta_b$} mass shifts in nuclear matter and the nucleus bound states - Guilherme Zeminiani (LFCT - UNICID)   ()
16:05 --- Coffee Break ---
16:20 Accessing the coupled-channels dynamics using femtoscopic correlations with ALICE at LHC - Valentina Mantovani Sarti (TUM)   ()
16:45 hidden charm mesons in nuclear matter and nuclei - Javier COBOS MARTINEZ (Departamento de Física, Universidad de Sonora, México)   ()
17:05 <p_T> geometrical scaling for light flavor hadrons - Amelia Lindner (Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH))   ()
17:25 HAPG mosaic crystal Von Hamos spectrometer for high precision exotic atoms spectroscopy - Alessandro Scordo   ()
Hot and dense matter physics - QGP and heavy ion collisions - Guilherme Milhano (LIP) Dennis Perepelitsa (University of Colorado Boulder) Leticia Cunqueiro (ORNL) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 Recent heavy ion results from CMS - Mr Subash Behera (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))   ()
13:18 A Large-N Expansion for Minimum Bias - Tom Melia (Kavli IPMU)   ()
13:54 Electroweak-boson production in pp, p--Pb and Pb--Pb collisions with ALICE - Nicolo’ Valle (University and INFN, Pavia, Italy)   ()
14:12 Ultra-peripheral physics with ATLAS - Mr Benjamin Gilbert (Columbia University (US))   ()
14:50 Charm production and hadronisation in proton--proton, proton--Pb, and Pb--Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC - Andrea Rossi (INFN Padua)   ()
15:08 Strange, charm and bottom hadron flow in pPb and PbPb - Raghunath Pradhan (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))   ()
15:26 Phenomenological study of quarkonium suppression and the impact of the energy gap between singlets and octets - Miguel Ángel Escobedo Espinosa (Instituto Galego de Física de Altas Enerxías (IGFAE))   ()
15:44 Measurements of $D^{\pm}$ meson production and total charm quark production yield at midrapidity in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}$ = 200\,GeV by the STAR experiment - Jan Vanek (Nuclear Physics Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences)   ()
16:02 Latest results of hadronic resonance production with ALICE at the LHC - Dukhishyam Mallick (National Institute of Science Education and Research (IN)) Alberto Calivà (GSI)   ()
16:40 Results on exclusive pi+pi- and rho(770) photoproduction and on collectivity in small systems obtained in ep collisions at HERA - Prof. Guillermo Contreras (Czech Technical University in Prague)   ()
16:58 Collective dynamics of heavy ion collisions in ATLAS - Dominik Derendarz (IFJ PAN)   ()
17:16 Azimuthal correlations in Pb--Pb and Xe--Xe collisions with ALICE - Dr Catalin Ristea (Institute of Space Science, Bucharest, RO)   ()
Neutrino physics - Jose Valle (IFIC, CSIC-U.Valencia) Jose Maneira (LIP) Kendall Mahn (Michigan State University) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 Neutrinoless double beta decays - Prof. Manfred Lindner (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik)   ()
13:30 Final Results of GERDA on the Search for Neutrinoless Double-β Decay - Dr Luigi Pertoldi (TU München, INFN Padova)   ()
13:50 Latest results from the CUORE experiment - CUORE Coll. Valentina Dompè (INFN Sezione di Roma / Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza")   ()
14:10 Status and Prospects of the SNO+ Experiment - Ana Sofia Inácio (LIP)   ()
14:45 The Quest for Majorana Neutrinos - Prof. Stefan Schonert (TUM)   ()
15:10 Project 8: R&D for a next-generationneutrino mass experiment - René Reimann (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)   ()
15:30 Discovery of solar neutrinos from the CNO fusion cycle within the Sun by the Borexino experiment - Davide D'Angelo (University of Milano)   ()
15:50 Atmospheric neutrino oscillation measurements and BSM searches with IceCube and KM3NeT - Alexander Trettin (DESY Zeuthen)   ()
16:30 Neutrino mixing from flavour symmetry - Gui-Jun Ding (University of Science and Technology of China)   ()
16:55 Electrons for Neutrinos - Minerba Betancourt (Fermilab)   ()
17:15 The DUNE experiment - Callum Wilkinson (LBNL)   ()
17:35 Looking for More New Physics in Long-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments - Prof. Andre De Gouvea (Northwestern University)   ()
Nuclear and particle astrophysics -Prof. Achim Schwenk (TU Darmstadt) Rúben Conceição (LIP) Daniel Galaviz (LIP) Jaime Alvarez-Muniz (IGFAE) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 The Southern Wide-field Gamma-ray Observatory - Jose Bellido (The University of Adelaide)   ()
13:20 Review of Neutrino Astrophysics with IceCube - Ignacio Taboada (Georgia Institute of Technology)   ()
13:40 ANTARES & KM3NeT: High Energy Astrophysical Neutrino Telescopes in the Mediterranean Sea - Antonio Capone (Physics Department University La Sapienza and INFN, Roma)   ()
14:00 Ultrahigh-energy physics from high altitudes with ANITA - Cosmin Deaconu (University of Chicago)   ()
14:20 Probing hadronic interactions with the Pierre Auger Observatory - Francesco Fenu (Università di Torino)   ()
14:50 Results overview from the DAMPE space mission in orbit - Dimitrios Kyratzis (Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) & INFN-LNGS)   ()
15:10 Sensitivity of the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment to rare Xenon decays - Paulo Braz (LIP)   ()
15:30 Axion Production in Pulsar Magnetosphere Gaps - Anirudh Prabhu (Stanford University)   ()
15:45 Supernova constraints on dark flavoured sectors - Jorge Terol Calvo (Instituo de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC))   ()
16:00 Constraints on the fermionic dark matter from observations of neutron stars - Violetta Sagun (University of Coimbra)   ()
16:25 The Scintillation Bubble Chamber (SBC) experiment for dark matter and reactor CEvNS - Dr Sumanta Pal (University of Alberta)   ()
16:40 The use of realistic equations of state in f (R, T ) gravity theory and massive neutron stars - Manuel Malheiro (Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica)   ()
16:55 Neutron Star Cooling on Strong Magnetic Field : Neutrino -Antineutrino Pair Emission and Direct Urca Processes - Prof. Tomoyuki Maruyama (Nihon university)   ()
QCD, spin physics and chiral dynamics - Catarina Quintans (LIP) Salvatore Fazio Miguel Echevarria (University of Alcalá) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 Gauge-invariant TMD factorization for Drell-Yan hadronic tensor at small $x$. - Prof. Ian Balitsky (JLab/ODU)   ()
13:15 TMD cross-section factorization for dijet production at the EIC - Rafael Fernández del Castillo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)   ()
13:30 A model calculation of T-odd gluon TMD distributions at twist-2 - Francesco Giovanni Celiberto (ECT*/FBK Trento & INFN-TIFPA)   ()
13:45 Extraction of the worm-gear TMD $g_{1T}$ from COMPASS, HERMES and JLab data on semi-inclusive DIS - Shohini Bhattacharya (Temple University)   ()
14:00 Twist-3 gluon fragmentation contribution to transversely polarized hyperon production in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering - Riku Ikarashi (Niigata University, Graduate School of Science and Technology) Mr Kazuki Takada (Niigata University)   ()
14:18 Explicit renormalization of the nucleon-nucleon interaction in chiral EFT with a finite cutoff - Ashot Gasparyan (Ruhr University of Bochum)   ()
14:33 --- Break ---
14:43 Measurement of charged particle multiplicity distributions in DIS at HERA and its implication to entanglement entropy of partons - Stefan Schmitt (DESY)   ()
14:58 Measurement of Lepton-Jet Azimuthal Decorrelations and of the 1-Jetttiness event shape at High Q^2 using the H1 detector - Sookhyun Lee (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)   ()
15:16 Measurements of the R value at BESIII - Rong-Gang Ping (Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS)   ()
15:31 Recent result of nucleon time-like form factors at BESIII - Yadi Wang (North China Electric Power University)   ()
15:46 Spin Physics Detector project at JINR - Alexey Guskov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna)   ()
16:01 The LHCspin project - Pasquale Di Nezza (INFN Frascati)   ()
16:16 Study of the nucleon structure with the PANDA experiment at FAIR - Dr Alaa Dbeyssi (Helmholtz Institute Mainz)   ()
16:31 --- Break ---
16:41 GPDs of sea quarks in the proton from nonlocal chiral effective theory - Fangcheng He (Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS)   ()
16:56 Effect of the pion field on the distributions of pressure and shear in the proton (NO SHOW UP) - Mr Shiryo Owa (University of Adelaide)   ()
17:11 Analysis of isospin symmetry for fragmentation functions - Kai-bao Chen (Shandong Jianzhu University)   ()
17:26 The chiral anomaly and axion-like dynamic in polarized DIS - Andrey Tarasov (The Ohio State University)   ()
17:41 Gravitational form factors on the lattice - Dr Daniel Hackett (MIT)   ()
Standard model physics at the TeV scale - Emanuele Re Patricia CONDE MUíñO (LIP) Pedro Silva (LIP) (until 18:35) ()
13:00 Status of NNLO QCD corrections for process with one or more jets in the final state at the LHC - João Pires (LIP, Lisbon)   ()
13:25 V+jets/+heavy flavour production at the LHC - Alexandre Laurier (Carleton University)   ()
13:45 Jet substructure and fragmentation (including TOP) at the LHC - Andy Buckley (University of Glasgow)   ()
14:05 Modelling the data at the LHC: status and issues (overview including soft QCD and TOP) - Efe Yazgan (National Taiwan University (TW))   ()
14:25 --- Break ---
14:40 Status of VBS measurements at the LHC - Shu Li (Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. (CN))   ()
15:00 Four-lepton production in gluon fusion at NLO matched to parton showers - Dr Silvia Ferrario Ravasio (Oxford U.)   ()
15:20 Precise predictions for photon pair production - Alessandro Broggio (University of Milano-Bicocca)   ()
15:40 Multibosons production at the LHC (diboson, triboson) - Oleg Kuprash (University of Freiburg)   ()
16:00 --- Break ---
16:15 Overview of precision measurements (angular coefficients, charge asymmetry, sin2Ө, mW, etc) at the LHC - Vladislav Shalaev (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna State University)   ()
16:35 Top quark Cross sections overview (including re-interpretation) at the LHC - Dr Otto Hindrichs (University of Rochester)   ()
16:55 Status of single top measurements at the LHC - Víctor Rodríguez Bouza (Universidad de Oviedo - ICTEA)   ()
17:15 Top quark mass measurements at the LHC - Christoph Garbers (Hamburg University (DE))   ()
17:35 Top quark properties overview (asymmetries, CP violation, spin correlations, FCNC) at the LHC - Dr Jacob Kempster (University of Birmingham)   ()
17:55 Associated productions with top (t+X, tt+X with X=W,Z,४, heavy-flavours, tt) at the LHC - Tomas Dado (TU Dortmund)   ()
Tests of symmetries and conservation laws - Antonio Pich (IFIC) Michael Doser (CERN) DMITRY BUDKER (Helmholtz Institute Mainz JGU Mainz and UC Berkeley) (until 18:00) ()
13:00 Laser spectroscopy of antiprotonic and pionic helium atoms at CERN and PSI - Masaki Hori (Max Planck Institue of Quantum Physics)   ()
13:25 Searches for exotic physics by comparing the fundamental properties of protons and antiprotons at BASE - Barbara Maria Latacz (RIKEN, Ulmer Fundamental Symmetries Laboratory, Saitama, Japan)   ()
13:50 A new experimental approach to search for free neutron-antineutron oscillations based on coherent neutron and antineutron mirror reflection - Prof. Valery Nesvizhevsky (Institut Laue-Langevin, France)   ()
14:10 Experiments with mid-heavy antiprotonic atoms in AEgIS - Georgy Kornakov (Warsaw University of Technology)   ()
14:30 ASACUSA antihydrogen program: current status and prospects - Tim Wolz   ()
14:50 Test of new operators of discrete symmetries with J-PET - Wojciech Krzemień (National Centre for Nuclear Research)   ()
15:10 Precision measurement of muonium hyperfine structure at J-PARC - Hiroki Tada (Nagoya University)   ()
15:30 --- coffee break ---
15:45 New measurement of the radiative decay Ke3g at the NA62 experiment at CERN - Dr Michal Koval (Charles University (CZ))   ()
16:10 Light hyperon physics at BESIII - Patrik Adlarson (Uppsala University / BESIII)   ()
16:35 Testing Pauli Exclusion Principle for electrons at the LNGS underground laboratory - Luca De Paolis (LNF-INFN)   ()
16:55 Proton decay amplitudes with physical chirally-symmetric quarks on a lattice - Sergey Syritsyn (Stony Brook University)   ()
17:15 Search for lepton number and flavour violation in K+ and pi0 decays - Roberta Volpe (Comenius University, Bratislava (SK))   ()
Plenary session - Marcin Stolarski (LIP) (until 15:10) ()
13:00 New theoretical results on QCD and the structure of the nucleon - Alexei Prokudin (Pennsylvania State U.)   ()
13:30 New experimental results on the (spin) structure of the nucleon - Catarina Quintans (LIP)   ()