B1 auditorium, Complexo Pedagógico II (UMinho)

B1 auditorium, Complexo Pedagógico II


R. da Universidade 4710-057 Braga - Portugal
Nuno Castro (LIP, and University of Minho) , Lorenzo Cazon (LIP) , Rúben Conceição (LIP)

Data Science: bridging fundamental research and industry

An event that shows the potential and synergies of high energy physics and astroparticle physics with the highly demanded field of Data Science in modern society, and creates links with the industry.



  • Thursday, March 28
    • 1
      Opening session

      Prof. Dr. Guilherme Pereira, pro-rector of the University of Minho for Institutional Assessment and Special Projects

      Prof. Dr. Paulo Sampaio, vice-president of the School of Engineering of the University of Minho

      Prof. Dr. Nuno Castro, director of LIP and chair of the organizing committee of the symposium

    • 2
      LIP - Data Science in (Astro)Particle Physics
      Speaker: Rúben Conceição (LIP)
    • 3
      BIAL - Exploring chemical and biological spaces in drug discovery
      Speaker: Nuno Palma (BIAL)
    • Coffee-break
    • 4
      Altice Labs - DataPlaxe – Big Data processing and monetization platform
      Speaker: Mário Moreira (Altice Labs)
    • 5
      Novo Banco - Data Science in Banking: making your bank smarter to make your life easier
      Speaker: Bernardo Caldas (Novo Banco)
    • 6
      WeDo Technologies - Why Machine Learning is key to fight fraud in the digital era
      Speaker: Raul Azevedo (WeDo Technologies)
    • Lunch
    • 7
      UMinho - Minho Advance Computing Center
      Speaker: António Cunha (Universidade do Minho)
    • 8
      EFACEC - Smart Data for the Smart Grid: Opportunities and Challenges
      Speaker: Rogério Paulo Dias (EFACEC)
    • 9
      UMinho - Adaptive Business Intelligence: using Prediction and Optimization for Decision Support
      Speaker: Paulo Cortez (Universidade do Minho)
    • Coffee-break
    • 10
      UMinho - Banks' credit allocation and financially distressed firms: exit, recovery and productivity
      Speaker: Miguel Portela (Universidade do Minho)
    • 11
      Vodafone - The Path to Malaria Elimination & Technics to Detect Offensive Language
      Speaker: Filipa Peleja (Vodafone)
    • 12
      IBM - Teach a computer to see, use a marker, and say: "Wait a minute - that's not normal"
      Speaker: Willem Hendriks (IBM)
    • 13
      UMinho - Big Data Analytics for Smart Cities and Industries
      Speaker: Maribel Yasmina Santos (Universidade do Minho)
    • 14
      Siemens - Analytics Lab: data science in Siemens
      Speaker: Miguel Batista (Siemens)
    • 15
      Amplemarket - Making sense of text
      Speaker: Micael Oliveira (Amplemarket)
    • Coffee-break
    • 16
      LIP - Computing at LIP
      Speaker: João Pina (LIP)
    • 17
      Nielsen - Exploring the synergies with fundamental research at LIP
      Speakers: Rita Lima (Nielsen) , Tânia Ralha (Nielsen)
    • 18
      UMinho - Behaviour Analysis@ISLab
      Speaker: Paulo Novais (Universidade do Minho)
    • Lunch
    • 19
      Critical materials - Data Science in Structural Health Management  of critical systems
      Speaker: Júlio Viana (Critical materials)
    • 20
      Fraunhofer - Intelligent Systems at Fraunhofer AICOS
      Speaker: Inês Sousa (Fraunhofer)
    • 21
      Fujitsu - Co-creation in IT & Industry Challenges
      Speakers: Claudia Nunes (Fujitsu) , José João Pereira (Fujitsu) , Marcos Marques (Fujitsu)
    • 22
      Willis Tower Watson - Data and Modelling in the Pension Funds World
      Speakers: Ana Margarida Rosa (Willis Tower Watson) , Diogo Moreira (Willis Towers Watson)
    • Coffee-break
    • 23
      FCT - Research data management and data economy - Political context and funders' perspective
      Speakers: Joelma Almeida (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia) , Vasco Vaz (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia)
    • 24
      Accenture - Forecasting and Route Optimization at Accenture
      Speakers: Alexandre Pinto (Accenture) , Francisco Almeida (Accenture)
    • 25
      Defined Crowd - How humans and machines can work together to create AI
      Speaker: João Freitas (Defined Crowd)
    • 26
      Inovretail - Improving staff productivity through Data Science
      Speaker: Hugo Lopes (Inovretail)