Oct 10 – 14, 2022
Salão Nobre
Europe/Lisbon timezone

Getting to and around Lisbon

Getting to and around Lisbon


The Aeroporto de Lisboa (Humberto Delgado Airport) is an international airport located in the city of Lisbon. 

The airport is served by the RED line of the Metro system (stop: Aeroporto).



There is a Metro system with four lines. The YELLOW line takes you to the meeting's venue (stop: Cidade Universitária). 

  • Network diagram here.
  • 1 Metro ticket (valid during 60 minutes following the first validation): 1,50 €
    • + 0,50€ for the transport card.




Taxis and several car sharing services are available.

If you're taking a taxi, ensure that the taxi meter is turned on at the start of the journey. From Lisbon Airport, it should start at €3.25 (3.90) for a daytime (nightime) pick-up. The average metered rate to the city is about €10.00 (plus luggage at €1.60).  More information here.




We recommend you bring water.

Depending on the weather a hat, sun cream and glasses, or a jacket and umbrella might be valuable. Observe that a cold wind, especially during evenings, is often present in Lisbon.

Especially for excursionists, high heals are discouraged due to slippery and not even side walks. Comfortable (not slippery) shoes are preferred.