LIP Lisboa

TileCal: past, present and bridges to future

by Rute Pedro (LIP)



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TileCal, the ATLAS central hadronic calorimeter, plays a major role in the measurement of jets and missing energy, and in the identification of electrons, photons and taus, both at trigger level and offline. As such, the good operation and performance of this system have been crucial to the wealth of scientific output of the ATLAS experiment.

With plastic scintillators as the active medium, the TileCal design has advantages such as low cost and easy manufacture but degrades with radiation exposure. Radiation damage is especially critical for the upcoming High Luminosity LHC phase, however, it provides a unique opportunity to probe the detector to the limits and gather knowledge for the design of future experiments.

In this seminar, I will give an overview of the TileCal system and its performance, and explore some bridges to the current efforts on future detector R&D.

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