2nd International Workshop on Soft X-ray Single-order Diffraction Grating Technology and Application

Physics Department (University of Coimbra)

Physics Department

University of Coimbra

Jorge Maia, José Escada, Rui Silva

The 2ndinternational workshop on soft X-ray Single-order diffraction Grating technology and application will be held on Oct. 16-20, 2019 at the Physics Department of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. It will provide a forum for researchers who will share their latest research results, technical information and achievements by presentations and discussion on the soft X-ray single-order diffraction grating development and its applications. The workshop will embrace new concepts, equipment, and products, as well as highlight recent advances in X-ray optics and optical systems based on soft X-ray single-order diffraction grating technology. Contributions from the related companies are also invited to exchange information widely. The workshop will include a series of oral presentations, poster articles, and open discussions.