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Quantum Entanglement and Bell inequalities with top pairs at the LHC

by Juan Antonio Aguilar Saavedra (Instituto de Física Teórica, Madrid)

Sala de Conferências (Departamento de Física FCTUC)

Sala de Conferências

Departamento de Física FCTUC

Universidade de Coimbra

Spin correlations in top-antitop production have been studied for nearly 30 years, and related observables have been measured by the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations. Yet, a new twist on these studies is their interpretation in terms of the entanglement of the top quark and anti-quark, and in the possible violation of Bell-like inequalities that would hold if Nature did not obey quantum-mechanical rules. I will briefly review the formalism required for this interpretation, to later discuss entanglement observables, and how they can be measured in current LHC data as well as in the HL-LHC.

Organized by

Paulo Brás, Paulo Silva, Jaime Silva