LIP Lisboa

Observing collider neutrinos with SND@LHC

by Cristovao Vilela (LIP), Nuno Leonardo (LIP)

Seminar Room (LIP)

Seminar Room


Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, n.2 Complexo Interdisciplinar (3is) 1649-003 Lisboa Portugal

While a large flux of neutrinos is expected to be produced in high energy proton-proton collisions, particularly in the very forward regime, none have been observed so far. SND@LHC is a compact and stand-alone experiment to measure neutrinos produced at the LHC in a pseudo-rapidity region inaccessible to other LHC experiments. The experiment is optimized to detect neutrinos of all three types, offering a unique opportunity to test lepton flavour universality violation using neutrinos, constrain parton distribution functions at low x, and to search for new, feebly interacting, particles. In this seminar, the detector concept, design and performance will be discussed, as well as the status the analysis of collision data collected in 2022.