Jul 6 – 7, 2022
Europe/Lisbon timezone

Searches For Higgs Boson Pair Production In Final States With Two Bottom Quarks And Two Tau Leptons At The LHC

Jul 6, 2022, 3:52 PM


Johan Wulff (LIP)


The large hadron collider (LHC) is a particle accelerator located inside a 27 km circular tunnel near Geneva, Switzerland, primarily built to shed light on the nature of the elec­troweak symmetry breaking and to examine the mathematical consistency of the standard model (SM) of particle physics at energies above 1 TeV [1]. The two beams of relativis­tic protons accelerated in the tunnel of the LHC are crossed at 4 locations, one of which is surrounded by the compact muon solenoid (CMS), a multi-purpose detector primarily optimised for muon identification as well as momentum and energy resolution of charged particles [2].
The detection of the Higgs boson by the Atlas and CMS collaborations in 2012 [3, 4] marked the fulfilment of one of the major science goals of the LHC. With the mass of the Higgs determined at 125 GeV, the structure of the Higgs scalar field potential can be calculated precisely within the SM. This theoretical prediction can be compared to experimental re­sults through the measurement of the Higgs pair production cross section, which in turn allows the calculation of the structure of the Higgs scalar field potential [5]. In this contri­bution, the speaker will present the approaches for both resonant and non-resonant Higgs boson pair production searches with the CMS detector and discuss the possible application of machine-learning methods to the event selection and classification.


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