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Detector R&D in Support of the European Strategy for Particle Physics

by Philip Patrick Allport (University of Birmingham)




In June 2020 CERN Council  unanimously adopted the resolution to update the European Strategy for Particle Physics. That updated Strategy contained the instruction that "Organised by ECFA, a roadmap should be developed by the community to balance the detector R&D efforts in Europe". Following this and throughout 2021, the ECFA Detector R&D Roadmap Panel has worked to produce the required document through an exercise engaging the broad community of particle physics detector experts in Europe. Recommendations are made which cover both the accelerator and non-accelerator programmes in line with topics included in the updated European Strategy. However, it was emphasised that "an electron- positron Higgs factory is the highest-priority next collider for the field, followed by a hadron collider at the energy frontier in the longer term". The presentation will cover the Roadmap process and main general recommendations but will focus more on some of the details specific to the proposed FCC programme at CERN.

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