Operations Meeting




Bi-Monthly IBERGRID Operations Meeting 

The agenda will be the following :

1. Round Table with site participants
2. AOB
3. Next meeting

Online Meeting: https://meet.jit.si/ibergridops

Present: Carles Acosta (pic/ifae), Joao Pina (NCG/LIP), Marcos Seco (USC-LCG2), Ruben (CESGA)

Carles (PIC / IFAE)

* Last two weeks, PIC had been participating in the network and tape data challenges from CERN.
* We don't have the final results
* Regarding the network challenge, we were saturating the LHCOPN link and moving 25 G (although PIC network outbound connectivity should reach 200 G, there is an intermediate point managed by our network provider Rediris and Geant that limits us to 10 Gbps for LHCOPN and LHCONE). It's planned to upgrade LHCOPN and LHCONE to 100G each at the end of this year.
* Regarding the tape data challenge, it finished last week and we don't have the numbers but it seems that everything goes fine for our site.
* Apart from this, normal operations (disks, WNs failing, etc.)

Joao Pina (INCD/LIP)

* No relevant news 

Marcos Seco (USC-LCG2)

* No relevant news 

Ruben Diez (CESGA)

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