Operations Meeting




Bi-Monthly IBERGRID Operations Meeting 

The agenda will be the following :

1. Round Table with site participants
2. AOB
3. Next meeting

Online Meeting: https://meet.jit.si/ibergridops

Present:Antonio Delgado (CIEMAT-LCG2), Carles Acosta (pic/ifae), Joao Pina (NCG/LIP),  Ruben (CESGA)

Apologies: Marcos Seco (USC-LCG2)

Antonio Delgado (CIEMAT-LCG2)

* Daily work activities (security patch's, disk replacements, etc)
* Network Interventions in order to upgrade to 20 GBPs
* HTCondor upgrade (minor version)

Carles (PIC / IFAE)

* Network migration to 200GB almost done. Still one route with 10GBPs but not in the PIC domain.
* Dcache migrated to the 6.2  golden release. Discussion about the new functionality for dcache (Telemetry)
* Problem with accessing to Pakiti finally solved
* HTCondor migration 8.8. > 9.0 series (discussion about issues suring upgrade namely negotiator)

Ruben Diez (CESGA):

* CESGA consolidating all cloud resources into a single instance and FedCloud resources will be migrated there. This new cloud service also provides object storage.

Joao Pina (LIP/INCD):

* HTTPS special tuning made with all patch's applied allowing to have 100% transfer efficiency
* New submarine cable connecting South America and Europe going into operation and first tests made between LIP and Belle CBPF

Marcos Seco (USC-LCG2)

 * Migration of the new CE to a new machine. 


Next meeting: 04/10/2021

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