Seminários LIP/CFTP - Neutrino Fórum

Astroparticle physics with neutrinos at the South Pole

by Juan Pablo Ibanez (UAlberta)

Seminar room (LIP)

Seminar room



The IceCube Neutrino Observatory, located deep underground at the geographic South Pole, is the largest neutrino detector in the world. The experiment uses over 5,000 photo-sensors to monitor a volume of one cubic kilometer of pristine ice, recording the Cherenkov light emitted by neutrino interaction products. By studying these signals, IceCube has demonstrated the existence of astrophysical neutrinos at very high energies, measured atmospheric neutrino oscillations, and searched for exotic physics beyond the standard. A summary of the status of the experiment, the most recent results, and the potential of proposed detector upgrades will be discussed.