LIP Lisboa

Visualizing Science: Exploring innovative tools for outreach and education

by Henrique Carvalho (LIP Minho)

Seminar Room (LIP)

Seminar Room


Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, n.2 Complexo Interdisciplinar (3is) 1649-003 Lisboa Portugal

In a rapidly evolving world, the dissemination of scientific knowledge demands innovation and adaptation. The use of traditional outreach methods is no longer effective for communicating with the entire range of audiences, so it's imperative that we build new tools, not to replace, but to complement the existing ones. We will focus on the pivotal role of visualization, creating immersive experiences and elevating the audience not only as consumers of information, but active participants in experiences through citizen science. These are new ways of empowering scientists and educators to effectively communicate the wonders of science.