Mini-School on electronics design using Altium

Zoom (Virtual)



Miguel Ferreira (LIP Lisboa)


School on electronics design using Altium.Throughout this course, you will learn about important ideas involved in PCB design, fabrication, and assembly. You will also be exposed to industry standard PCB design software and given the opportunity to use this software to create your own PCB. Hopefully, by the end of the course, you will have enough knowledge to design simpler PCBs and to start learning more advanced  printed circuit board design and manufacturing.


The course will be taught online for the first 3 days (around 1h30/day, starting at 11h30). This will be followed by 2 days of in-person teaching, at LIP-Coimbra on 2-3 Feb. and at LIP-Lisbon on 6-7 Feb.

  • Francisco Neves
  • Gil Madeira
  • Helena Santos
  • Henrique Carvalho
  • Joao Gentil Mendes Saraiva
  • José Carlos Nogueira
  • José Sousa
  • Luis Gurriana
  • Nuno Barros
  • Nuno Carolino
  • Rui Fernandez
  • +7