Café com Física

A physics perspective on cancer

by Prof. João Carvalho (Departamento de Física, Universidade de Coimbra)

Sala de Conferências (Departamento de Física FCTUC)

Sala de Conferências

Departamento de Física FCTUC

Universidade de Coimbra

Every single day (too) many people die of cancer. However, we are stuck in the same theory of cancer origin (the somatic mutation theory) for one hundred years, without substantial success. This paradigm determines most of the research, from prevention to treatment, and it is probably wrong, or at least highly incomplete! Why are the advancements in cancer not faster and don’t reach the same level of success as other medical conditions and scientific discoveries? A toxic mix of problem complexity and research conservatism constrains many alternative developments and complementary approaches. Physics can contribute with new ideas and, most of all, unique ways to look into the problem. The challenge ahead of us is clearly multidisciplinary and different theories must have a chance to be pursued and be subject to rigorous and intensive experimental tests. A theory driven research in cancer research can accelerate the developments and change the paradigm of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Organized by

Paulo Brás, Paulo Silva, Jaime Silva