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New CMS Results on top quarks (and other things) from photon collisions

by Jonathan Hollar (LIP)

Seminar Room (LIP)

Seminar Room


Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, n.2 Complexo Interdisciplinar (3is) 1649-003 Lisboa Portugal

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Normally protons at a hadron collider hit each other head on. In special cases, they may instead radiate photons, which then collide. At the LHC these photon collisions reach unprecedented energies - enough to produce pairs of top quarks, the heaviest Standard 

Model particle, as well as other heavy Standard Model and Beyond Standard Model final states. Recently the CMS collaboration performed the first searches for top pairs and other rare or exotic final states in photon collisions, using special low angle proton detectors to select these events. In this seminar, the latest CMS results using the LHC in this high energy "photon collider" mode are reviewed.